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SFM - Regular - 16 Edition

Unleashing the Power of Strategic Financial Management: A Journey to CA FINAL Success

Language: English

Instructors: A.N.Sridhar



Why this course?


The Strategic Financial Management (SFM) course is an essential component of the CA FINAL examination, providing aspiring chartered accountants with the knowledge and skills required to make strategic financial decisions. In this article, we explore an upcoming SFM course that spans approximately 180 hours, led by Mr. A.N. Sridhar, a renowned expert in Capital Markets and a three-time award-winning fund manager. This course covers a wide range of topics, offering students a comprehensive understanding of SFM and preparing them for success in the CA FINAL examination.

Course Overview: Led by Mr. A.N. Sridhar, a distinguished figure in the field of Capital Markets and author of India's highest-selling book for CA FINAL in SFM, this SFM course promises to provide students with a robust foundation in strategic financial management. The course encompasses various topics, including derivatives (futures and options), valuation techniques such as DDM (Dividend Discount Model), bond markets, fixed income portfolio management, portfolio management strategies, foreign exchange management, risk management, and more. It also covers emerging areas such as real options in capital budgeting, securitization, alternative investments, and the exciting domains of startups, venture capital, and private equity.

Methodology: The course follows a concept-driven approach, emphasizing the understanding of key principles and their practical applications. Mr. A.N. Sridhar, an advocate for effective education, incorporates real-life examples to reinforce theoretical concepts, enabling students to grasp complex topics with ease. By bridging the gap between theory and practice, this methodology ensures a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

Course Benefits:

  1. Expert Guidance: With Mr. A.N. Sridhar's extensive knowledge and experience in Capital Markets, students can benefit from his profound insights and industry perspectives. His expertise enhances the learning process, allowing students to gain practical wisdom alongside theoretical knowledge.

  2. Comprehensive Coverage: The SFM course covers a wide array of topics, ensuring that students acquire a holistic understanding of strategic financial management. From derivatives, valuation techniques, and foreign exchange management to portfolio management, risk management, and corporate restructuring, every crucial aspect of SFM is meticulously addressed.

  3. Practical Examples: The course incorporates practical examples, enabling students to connect theoretical concepts with real-world scenarios. This approach not only enhances comprehension but also equips students with the ability to apply their knowledge effectively.

  4. Exam Preparation: The SFM course provides ample resources for exam preparation. Alongside the comprehensive study material, students receive guidance on time management, exam strategies, and presentation techniques. Regular assessments, mock tests, and revision sessions help students evaluate their progress and strengthen their preparation.

Enrolling in the upcoming SFM course, led by Mr. A.N. Sridhar, offers aspiring CA FINAL candidates an opportunity to master the intricacies of strategic financial management. With comprehensive coverage, expert guidance, practical examples, and a student-centric approach, this course equips students with the necessary tools to excel in the examination. By choosing this SFM course, students can embark on a transformative learning journey that will pave the way for success in the CA FINAL examination and beyond.

Course Curriculum

Lecture 1 - Introduction - Derivatives.mp4 (152:00)
Lecture 2 - Derivatives Futures C.mp4 (176:00)
Lecture 3 - Derivatives Futures C (238:00)
Lecture 4 - Derivatives Futures .mp4 (227:00)
Lecture 5 - Introduction - Derivatives.mp4 (239:00)
Lecture 6 - Derivatives Options.mp4 (221:00)
Lecture 7 - Derivatives Options NC.mp4 (227:00)
Lecture 8 - Derivatives Options.mp4 (227:00)
Lecture 9 - Derivatives Options.mp4 (242:00)
Lecture 10 - Derivatives Options.mp4 (183:00)
Lecture 11 - Valuations DDM.mp4 (206:00)
Lecture 12 - Valuations DDM.mp4 (253:00)
Bond Market
Lecture 13 - Bond Markets.mp4 (235:00)
Lecture 14 - Bond Markets.mp4 (240:00)
Lecture 15 - Bond Markets.mp4 (222:00)
Lecture 16 - Bond Markets.mp4 (251:00)
Lecture 17 - Bond Markets.mp4 (244:00)
Lecture 18 - Bond Markets.mp4 (238:00)
Lecture 19A - Bond Markets.mp4 (87:00)
Portfolio Management
Lecture 19B - Portfolio Management.mp4 (154:00)
Lecture 20 - Portfolio Management.mp4 (244:00)
Lecture 21 - Portfolio Management.mp4 (228:00)
Lecture 22 - Portfolio Management.mp4 (240:00)
Lecture 23 - Portfolio Management.mp4 (239:00)
Lecture 24 - Portfolio Management (240:00)
Lecture 25 - Portfolio Management (236:00)
Lecture 26 - Portfolio Management (247:00)
Lecture 27 - Portfolio Management (250:00)
Lecture 28 - Hedging of Equity (242:00)
Lecture 29 - Hedging of Equity and Real Options (245:00)
Risk Management Commodity Derivatives
Lecture 30 - Risk Management Commodity Derivatives (240:00)
Mutual Funds
Lecture 31 - Mutual Funds (232:00)
Lecture 32 - Mutual Funds (251:00)
Lecture 33 - Mutual Funds Forex (241:00)
Lecture 34 - Forex (240:00)
Lecture 35 - Forex (250:00)
Lecture 36 - Forex (300:00)
Lecture 37 - Forex (264:00)
Lecture 38 - Forex (293:00)
Lecture 39 - Forex (208:00)
Lecture 40 - Forex (261:00)
International Rate Risk Management
Lecture 41 - Int Rate Risk Mgmt (238:00)
Lecture 42 - Int Rate Risk Mgmt (219:00)
Mergers & acquisitions
Lecture 43 - Mergers & Acquisitions (188:00)
Mergers and Acquisitions - Corporate Valuations
Lecture 44 - M & A Corporate Valuation (291:00)
Lecture 45 - Corporate Valuation (216:00)
Miscellaneous / Updates
December 2021 (54:00)
July 2021 (83:00)
January 2021 (145:00)
November 2020 (223:00)
SFM Study And Exam Strategy Video
Alternative Investments C (49:00)
Theory - Securitization C (93:00)
Startups Venture Capital Funds (65:00)
July 2021 Solution (83:00)
Risk Less Hedge-C (19:00)
AJ Nov 2020 Correction - Convexity-C (23:00)
AJ Optimum Exch Ratio-C (35:00)
AJ 3 Important Portfolio Problems-C (80:00)
Forex Early Delivery (52:00)
Forex Late Extension (52:00)
NOV 2020 SFM QP ANALYSIS (223:00)
SFM - MONEY MARKETS (Revised based on New Study Material) (91:00)

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