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Language: Mix of Hindi - English

Instructors: CA ANUJ JALOTA

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Why this course?


This course covers all ICAI RTP papers from May 2020 till date. If any papers are not there, then they will be put in due course. Notes made by Anuj Sir also form part of the course, which are kept in soft copy format. 

Course Curriculum

Rtp May 2020 (288:00)
Rtp Nov 2020 (283:00)
Rtp May 2021 (318:00)
Rtp Nov 2021 (190:00)
RTP - May 2022 (192:00)
NOTES (Sharable)
RTP - May 2020 (32 pages)
RTP - May 2021 (38 pages)
RTP - Nov 2020 (34 pages)
RTP - Nov 2021 (32 pages)
RTP - May 2022 (38 pages)
SCMPE || RTP || Nov 2022 || Complete Solving (191:00)
Completely solve SCMPE RTP May 2023 (361:00)

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