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CA INTER - Costing - Paper 4 - Regular Batch - Demo Lectures

Excel in CA Inter Costing with live classes by CA Anuj Jalota! Best coaching now at Best Price

Instructors: CA ANUJ JALOTA


Why this course?



This course is designed for CA Inter students who want to excel in their Costing exam. Led by CA Anuj Jalota, a renowned expert in the field, this regular batch will provide comprehensive coverage of the Costing syllabus for Paper 4. The course will be taught in a live batch format, allowing students to interact directly with the instructor and clear their doubts in real-time. Prepare for success in the Nov 2024 CA Inter Costing exam with this dynamic and engaging course.

Key Highlights:

  • Designed for CA Inter students
  • Comprehensive coverage of the Costing syllabus
  • Led by CA Anuj Jalota
  • Live batch format for real-time interaction
  • Preparation for Nov 2024 CA Inter Costing exam


What you will learn:

  • Learning Outcome 1
    Understand and apply the fundamental concepts of Costing.
  • Learning Outcome 2
    Analyze various costing techniques and their application in different scenarios.
  • Learning Outcome 3
    Master the concepts of cost control and cost measurement.
  • Learning Outcome 4
    Gain proficiency in solving complex problems related to Costing.
  • Learning Outcome 5
    Develop the ability to apply Costing techniques in decision-making processes.



  • A ranker at CA FOUNDATION, B.Com and CA FINAL Level
  • More than 2 decades of coaching
  • Has been a mentor to more than 700+ All India Rankers since 2002
  • There has not been an attempt where every question was not from what he has taught. 
  • Learn costing to excel not only in studies but also in a great business skill



A soft copy will be given chapter-wise to all the students. They will have to take the printout themselves. 


Highlight of the book

  • Full Theory
  • All classwork section problem
  • Homework section problem
  • MCQ
  • Shorts for every classwork question
  • Rating of every question


Teaching methodology

  • Anuj sir is known for giving no formulas in any chapter. Pure simple and logical teaching
  • In every batch, a test is taken after every chapter for which marks are discussed right after the exam
  • A Student will take 15 exams in costing
  • Students' speed of solving the problem will increase as the course progresses. 
  • You can expect 90+ if you follow all instructions in class



  • The regular price of this course is Rs. 8000 but under the offer, it is available for Rs. 3999


Commencement date

  • 16 Jan 2024 (Thursday)


Completion Date

  • 31 May 2024



  • 1 pm to 3 pm


Total Duration

  • 180 - 200 hours



  • Till Nov 2024 attempt



Devices Allowed

  • 1 Laptop and 1 phone (you can view anywhere - but you can't change the device)



Any doubt regarding the course, batch etc, message us on telegram. Our Telegram ID is @ajnext. 


Reviews of various students


I highly recommend Anuj sir for anyone looking to pursue the chartered accountancy course. The professor is  incredibly professional and knowledgeable, and his teaching methods are effective in ensuring that students have a thorough understanding of the material. I have found the classes to be very beneficial in preparing me for the CA exams. Overall, I am very satisfied with my experience and would recommend these classes to anyone pursuing a career in CA.


No amount of appreciation will be enough to express my gratitude for the teachers of AJ Next. The knowledge, teaching methodology and timely conduct of tests are few of the many things that make learning effective and fun at the same time.The encouragement AJ Next provides along with their very welcoming environment are highly valued!


One of the best classes for CA COSTING in INDIA. I strongly recommend this class for students who wish to do CA.


Very good at teaching and friendly teachers , they solve all the doubts with timely completion of syllabus. Concised notes are very helpful for self-study which covers every topic from the syllabus


Best faculty, they prioritise students' understanding over hurriedly completing the syllabus. They conduct regular tests to facilitate better absorption of content and information of the syllabus. One of the top classes for CA, the teaching technique incorporates practical examples.


Anuj sir's teaching style is really good. He makes the subject more interesting and there's no need to mug up the formula's.


The faculty is excellent. The professors especially Anuj sir has an in depth knowledge of his subject and the study material he has provided is immensely helpful. I'd highly recommend AJ next for CA aspirants.


Great faculty, students comfort is also taken great care of. Best one to one interaction with teachers. Instant doubt is solved by all the faculty. Good support by office team as well. Aj even conducts activities such as cricket tournaments.


If you're looking for an exceptional learning experience, you can't go wrong with this one. AJ Next guarantees a fun and engaging environment that makes learning a pleasure. With top-quality teachers and a supportive staff, you're sure to receive a high-quality education that will help you excel in your studies.


Anuj sir is very inspiring and motivating and pushes you to give your best explanation of the respective subjects beautifully highly recommended

Reviews from Rankers 

Siddhant Bhandari, CA FINAL, AIR 1, Nov 2018 (NEW COURSE)

I studied costing from AJ Sir and it was best.

Ziya Nath, CA FINAL, AIR  4, July 2021 (NEW COURSE)

I had taken SCMPE classes from Anuj Sir. There were many good things about their classes like the structured way in which he used to teach, with everything planned out in advance; and the best part was how he never used a single formula, but always solved questions solely based on logic. This approach helped me get 72 marks in SCMPE when others were cursing ICAI for testing more practical questions than expected. Huge shoutout to Anuj Sir!

Tirth Gala, CA FINAL, AIR 43, July 2021 (NEW COURSE)

I would like to thank Anuj Sir for all his help and guidance in class. He made sure we weren't just copying sums but were thinking on our own and trying to find answers.

Vaidehi Singrodia, CA FINAL, AIR 45, July 2021 (NEW COURSE)

Quality content has always been the motto at AJ. I would like to personally thank Anuj Sir for making all my concepts clear and solving all my doubts within the earliest possible time. Further, I would also like to say that the lifetime updates app was very useful.

Pranay Samariya, CA FINAL, AIR 47, July 2021 (NEW COURSE)

I would like to thank Anuj Sir for all your support, guidance and teaching which helped me in securing a rank. I loved the way he taught, which made the subject so easy and understandable. The material provided by AJ NeXt is also wonderfully designed, which helps in bifurcating topics in a better way.

Amit Dadich, CA FINAL,  AIR 14, May 2019 (NEW COURSE)

For me, Anuj Sir has been nothing less than exceptional. The way he makes the whole class participate in discussions is just phenomenal.

Abhinav Gadia, AIR 24 in IPCC, May 2013, AIR 27 in CA FINAL, May 2016

IIM - Ahmedabad

I'm writing this basically to thank you for 2 reasons:

First, for the wonderful friends, and memories which I got to take away from here during the 3 and a half years from IPCC, to Final CA. I'll always remember and cherish those! 

And second, and more importantly, for the wonderful learning experience that you have provided. A big thank you to all the professors for their constant and continuous help, support, approachability and well, just being the wonderful teachers that they were. The conceptual clarity that I have gotten from the professors is something I am really thankful for. I was in some other class for CPT, and it was a tricky decision for me to join a new class. But I did so because of Anuj sir, and so did many of my friends. In hindsight, I can say that it was a great decision to take the leap of faith, because he and his team guided us, mentored us and helped us grow through the course as students being able to accomplish things we could only dream of when we entered the course and making us ready to enter the fraternity.

Course Curriculum

Watch this before you start
Cost Sheet
Lecture 1 - Introduction to Cost and Financial Accounts
Lecture 2 - Types of Cost
Lecture 3 - Explanation to cost sheet
Lecture 4 - Q1
Notes of Cost Sheet
Here is the link to the full course

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